Diabetes & Continuous Glucose Monitoring


PVH clinical staff members actively monitor diabetic care for our inpatients.  

CGM.jpgContinuous Glucose Monitoring (CGM) 

CGM technology was established in 2006 and uses an FDA-approved device to provide real-time glucose readings, throughout the day and night, giving you a complete picture of your glucose levels.  This temporary monitoring device can help you better manage your diabetes treatment decisions and glucose control.

At PVH, this is an outpatient procedure where clinical staff insert the Medtronic iPRO®2 into the patient.  You return home to your normal routine while the system provides up to 288 glucose readings per day (once every 5 minutes).  After 6 days, the patient returns to PVH and the device is removed.  Clinical reports are created for PCP review.  Your primary care physician can then assess results visually to uncover the most important issues pertaining to your diabetic care. 
CGM does not completely eliminate the need for blood glucose meter readings but provides additional information for more informed treatment decisions and improved glucose control. CGM can be used by people with Type 1 or 2 who are concerned with their diabetes management.  Speak with your primary care physician today to determine if Continuous Glucose Monitoring is for you.