Industrial Medicine

The industrial Medicine program encompasses several hospital departments to meet your company’s needs. Appointments are scheduled through the hospital’s central scheduling department by calling (207) 794-7270. Your company’s pre-employment screenings can be customized to meet your needs.

When an injury is sustained in the workplace, it may require an evaluation by a healthcare professional. Penobscot Valley hospital can help you and your employee with an initial evaluation and treatment of the injured worker. Emergency care and specialty referrals will be made when needed.Penobscot Valley Hospital's Industrial Medicine program provides a variety of health evaluation programs for current or prospective employees. PVH will assist you in meeting your healthcare requirements by OSHA and other regulatory agencies.

Industrial Medicine Services include:

Pre-employment / Annual Physicals (Executive Physicals on request) Vaccinations (Influenza, Tetanus, Hepatitis B, MMR, Gamma Globulin)
DOT Physicals Electrocardiogram*
Lifting Assessments Chest X-ray
Health Screenings Laboratory (Blood) Test Lead Screen
Drug and Alcohol Testing Urine Dipstick
Worksite Education PPD (Stage 1 and 2)*
IME's Pulmonary Function Studies*

Onsite Wellness Education Programs:
Wellness Programs
Smoking Cessation
CPR Training / Re-certification / First Aid
Nutrition Education
Exercise / Proper Lifting Techniques
Special programs can be designed on request
Education Programs
Heart Disease
Respiratory Disease
Benefits of Regular Exercise
Blood Borne Pathogen Training
Other topics as requested

Cholesterol screening
Blood Pressure screening
Office Ergonomic Evaluation
Flu Vaccinations
Scheduling Information
Central Scheduling
(207) 794-7270