Safety Award from Synernet, Inc.

Penobscot Valley Hospital has recently been awarded Synernet Inc.’s “Most Improved Award” in recognition for its work place safety improvement initiatives.
Highlights of these initiatives include:

  • enriched facility rounding program,
  • improved snow and ice removal procedures,
  • emphasis on safe lifting and handling procedures,
  • advancements in medical waste management, and
  • adoption of a “needle-less” environment in our patient care areas. 
Lee J. Cyr, director of insurance services at Synernet, Inc. stated, “Penobscot Valley Hospital was awarded the ‘Most Improved Member’ by the Synernet Workers’ Compensation Fund at its annual meeting in Rockland on September 22nd. Since 2012, Penobscot Valley Hospital has reduced the cost of its workers’ compensation injuries by over 90%. This recognition came from Penobscot Valley Hospital’s peers in the Fund, which consists of 12 hospitals throughout the State of Maine, and is a testament to the entire organization’s commitment to improve safety.”
PVH has been fortunate to benefit from grant money and annual fund donations over the past several years which have been utilized to purchase ceiling lifts for patient care areas, Hoyer lifts, and other pieces of equipment which ensure the safety of our patients as well as our staff. Penobscot Valley Hospital wishes to recognize and thank all employees and donors who have positively contributed to their safety program.