Giving to PVH

Penobscot Valley Hospital is a non-profit healthcare facility established in 1973 to serve Lincoln and its surrounding communities.  The hospital has many opportunities to partner with community members and businesses on projects and fundraisers.  

If you, a family member, friend, or company would like to make a donation to Penobscot Valley Hospital, contact the PVH Marketing and Development Department at 207-794-7324.

PVH encourages people to give to the PVH Annual Fund, rather than designating that the gift should only go toward one department or need. Although donors can certainly allot their funding for a particular purpose, it is in our patients’ best interest for contributions to be able to be used toward whatever need is greatest.

PVH provides a number of ways donors can give to the hospital.

1) Mail a Donation
Donors can mail a check or money order at any time to the following address:
Penobscot Valley Hospital
Marketing and Development
P.O. Box 368
Lincoln, ME 04457-0368

2) Bequests
Gracious individuals in the community frequently arrange for a donation to PVH should they pass away. These arrangements can be placed in a living will, and help for those documents is available through PVH Patient Registration. As with all gifts to PVH, you can designate those funds for a specific need or department, but we encourage donors to give to our Annual Fund. This allows PVH to use the funding where it is needed most.

3) PVH Annual Fund
Each year, our PVH Annual Fund raises money for certain immediate needs of the hospital. For our 2017 Annual Fund, all money raised will be designated for new equipment that will help save lives, increase patient comfort and safety, and aid in rehabilitation.  Specific equipment includes:
  • Convection steamer, Dietary    
  • Seven wall-mounted thermometers, Emergency Department
  • Tourniquet, General Surgery                      
  • Microscope, Laboratory
  • Recumbent bike, Treadmill & Nustep machine, Physical Therapy
Please help us reach the goal of raising $45,000 toward this new equipment!

4) Special Events
PVH holds a variety of fundraising activities throughout the year to help raise money for its services, facility, and programs. Many of these events allow for donor sponsorships. To find out what opportunities are available at this time, contact the Marketing and Fund Development Department at (207) 794-7324.

5) Donate Now
Will you help support the special projects at Penobscot Valley Hospital? Click on this link to send your generous gift by credit card from the comfort of your own home.